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"Somersfield has a 3 year preschool/p1 program and Rayyan was coming in on the last year, the first several weeks were assessment and reinforcement. When they were ready to assess Rayyan's reading they were very surprised at his reading level. They said they kept giving him book after book as he was reading much higher than they expected. They commended the reading program at Aeries and said that he has a great foundation in the phonetics and is very good at sounding out words. They are very pleased with where he is - they also noted that he was polite, followed instructions, and very helpful. Thank you again for the great foundation he received at Aeries."
- Andrea Haffar
Put our expertise to work for you. At Aeries Adventures, we are proud to have received the following recognition for our contributions to the community as a premier provider of services for the Devonshire area.
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"Thanks to you and your staff for giving Mya a great start. She is flying high and enjoying school."

- Marie Simmons-Trott
Testimonies for Aeries Adventures
"Mya has been tested and is now in a gifted and talented programme for reading and English Lit. She attends a reading programme in the morning with P3 students. (reading on P3 level) During center work - she now has her own separate programme that she complete with another teacher who is working with her to challenge her.
I was asked who taught her how to read. I replied back her awesome teacher/s at Aeries do a fine job with her. They should get all the praise for pusing Mya and encouraging her to read, read read. She is well on her way and is having so much fun at school.
Many thanks to you and your staff for preparing children for P1 and so much more. I also recived another e-mail from her computer teacher saying Mya was the only on able to follow instructions, log on and complete the the game for the day. She was so impress with her and the knowledge she has. One student asked when will she be going into P5."
- Marie Simmons-Trott